Flint Hill

What is Flint Hill?


very rich white school in washington dc area. rivals of potomac, this school has an excellent basketball and golf program, wealthy families, and well dressed/smart students. you can typically find them wearing lacoste, north face, polo and other expensive brands on the weekend, practicing lacrosse or driving around in their bmw's and mercedes. as a previous definition states, flint hill kids are "smart as they are wealthy".

georgetown day guy: "look at those attractive girls in the bmw over there"

flint hill guy: "yeah they go to my school."

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first of all, all of you fags writing all that "hating" shit on here, PLEASE get a life. i am almost 100% sure you go to potomac and wrote that "definition" while sitting on your ass AGAIN on a saturday night. you probably became bored playing dominoes with your 8 year old sister because no one wanted to hang out with you so you decided to say shit about a school that OWNS YOU in sports AND academics. remind me again how potomac did in b-ball this year. o yea, u forgot. maybe some of the girls are slutty but at least we know how to party.

flint hill > potomac


hot girls and good looking guys who are just as smart as they are wealthy. Almost everyone drives a Mercedes or BMW, but mostly everyone is nice (at least at first)

as in: look at that flint hill guy, he's cute and he's fluent in Shakespeare. If you go home with him, you'll get a ride in his brand-new bmw


all around, a pretty good school. good kids, nice teachers, etc. actually one of the best schools around. most of us aren't stuck up like people make us out to sound, we are awesome at athletics and academics, and basically, we're generally the best. all the the wannabes talk crap about our school cause they cant touch this.

flint hill is godlike


A place of great wealth and treasure that Albert Einstein himself founded. Indiana Jones was the first man to set foot in this vast facility of knowledge and power. All too often the Nazi remnant located in France has tried to claim the power from this place, but the monkeys who guard the place tear the heads off of blonde haired, blue eyed people. Those heads are then used for sorting footage of old porn films dedicated to chewbacca.

That kid must go to Flint Hill, he has a brain the size of a boulder, and the strength of a wookie.


Anyone who despises fhs needs to get a life. You're all just jealous that we're hotter and better than you are, and way smarter. potomac needs to get a life. just because you hate us because we rule in the athletics department doesnt mean you have to talk trash about us. we're not rich bitches. and yeah we're hott. but youre not gonna mess with us anytime soon because i guarentee you that you are gonna get your butt kicked. hard.

Potomac: *crying* we lost again! i hate flint hill.

Flint Hill: get a life, loser.

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Sure we are as smart as we are rich, but at least we're smart, unlike some private schools. In the middle school there are outcasts, princesses, sluts, semi-jocks, and people who are just plain ugly (losers). The sluts think they are above everybody else, when they are only popular because the buys like them (you know what I mean). The losers are just plain losers. Can't say much more about them except that they creep people out and they have very few friends. We have some of the worst teachers, but we also have some pretty amazing ones. Our athletics teams kick ass (read it and weep potomac). Our uniform sucks, but we all have kick ass designer shoes.

Potomac: damn, we lost again :(

Flint Hill: suckers

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