Float The Boat

What is Float The Boat?


this term was made famous by Taylor Kane aka TK aka T Unit aka Kane Train on a fateful evening where the big guy spent 4 + hours drooling pissing and makin a mess of himself in the Cat's kitchen sink. For reasons still unknown, Kane Train insisted on repeating "Float the boat" over and over. The term is now used when referring to being extremely intoxicated to the point of putting on a performace similar to the one put on by Unit this night.

"Yo 9 beers in 5 minutes? Your gonna be floating the boat later dude."

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Getting An Erection.

Man: I'm Trying To Float The Boat!

Woman: Try Harder! My Ass Is Getting Cold!

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Tkaine has to be the biggest clown on the face of the earth. There have been other statements of how gay he is, the #85 chain, the hair, the lax number on the shoes and the infamous act of roaming the streets at night. This has to have topped them all, congratualtions tkaine you have set the bar for most homosexual act yet.

irish girls are hot....

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Taylor Kane...it goes to say something about a kid who self proclaims such gay nicknames as the Kane Train and T-Unit. Taylor Kane is the worst person ever and dont let anybody tell you differently. Nobody struts around thinking he is the man like Taylor Kane does, and is completely unaware that while he struts and tries to be the man, everyone is making comments about how much they hate him and what a fucking tool he is. Keep up the good work, TK, we allneed someone to laugh at.

Taylor Kane blows donkey dick


The annonomous 'Float the Boat', was introduced at Mike Catalano's friendly gathering. After the consumption of sum "15 beers", the inner kane, tkane, white choclate was truly revealed with the chanting of Irish folk, and the ever so famous "float the boat"...we refer this float the boat saying, when someone is completly smashed, hammered, or simply crunk

Yo, who's gonna Float the Boat this weekend?


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