What is Flob?


An image next to a group of words, usually a picture with the beginning of a word bubble, to look like the picture is saying whatever the person is. Commonly used on the website GaiaOnline.

"Hey can you make me a flob, my posts be looking mad gay."

"My flob is really bad, I drew it myself."

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it's slang for spit

"i flobbed on the pavement"


A slimy blob of fat.

A a compact area with a lot of fat people in.

Eww nasty my steak has some flob on it.

its like a massive flob inside that room.

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Acronym for Free Loading Oxygen Breather. Use on board nuclear submarines to describe newly reported personel who are not yet qualified to operate any of the equipment but still help themselves to the precious air and water supply.

Doesn't that flob realize that by starting shit with you, he's locked himself into cleaning bilges for the rest of his life?

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flob being a reference to fat.

flob being more of the wobbly& cute kind of flab.

'im all flobby'

'look at your flob'

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Short for "frontal lobotomy."

The terrorist was flobbed by the directed energy weapon before he could take any aggressive actions. Due to the hyper-efficient flobbing, the subject was rendered gentle and passive.


Decorative images surrounding a post on a forum. Usually used as extra coding to gain more currency.

The only reason they are so rich on this site is because they cheat, using flobs to enhance their post.

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