What is Flogbag?


Punching Bag

"That guy was a total flogbag". Used in the context of a punching bag, not a cumrag as aforementioned . A shirt is not a bag.

See loser, wanker, tosser, fuckhead, punching bag, fuckface


In the literal sense, a bag, that one would use to jerk off into, when in an environment that would not appreciate being cumstained - see cumstain, for example, a friends car. An old sock could be used as a "flogbag".

The word is more commonly used however to as a label to describe someone you don’t like, someone who has done something stupid or behaves in a generally annoying and foolish manner.

"I didn't want to jizz on the leather interior so i used my t-shirt as a flogbag"

"Lets get out of here...this bar is full of flogbags".


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