Florida Girl

What is Florida Girl?


This is a girl who knows how to deals with wind blown hair whether it be from her convertible or the beach she does not complain because she is a Florida girl. This is a girl who is too smart to attend Florida State so she will of course attend The University of Florida. She wears little makeup because she does not need it, she looks the same in the morning as she did the night before. A Florida girl is adventurous, she will know how to surf already and will be willing to try any other sport. Florida girls are not scared to venture into the girls bathroom alone, we know there is not a monster under that potty's lid. A Florida girl would also never be catty towards another female she is too laid back to give a crap. A Florida girl is everything you have ever wanted in a woman and more. I suggest you try and find one as soon as possible.

Wow that girl was to good to be true. She has her Phd., she was a girl of the SEC in Playboy and she is an Olympic Athlete. That must have been a Florida girl.

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