Flow Job

What is Flow Job?


The act of engaging in unprotected heterosexual intercourse while the female is menstrating. Once climax is close, she begins giving oral sex.

Flo Job PTMBlow Job

I was impressed with her 'Olympic spirit' when she began giving me a flow job... disgusted, but impressed.

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The act of getting your teeth flossed while simultaneously getting a blow job.

My dentist was so impressed with my last check up. When asked what I had been doing differently, I explained to him that my girlfriend and her sister were generously giving me flow jobs on a daily basis....goodbye gingivitis!!!!!!

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What your girlfriend should offer you during that time of the month if she's not up to having sex.

"I took Melanie out to dinner last night but it turned out she was riding the crimson tide. Oh well, at least I got a flow job out of it."

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