What is Flunt?


Fucking Slut Cunt; a three word combo for a a very whorish person.

Robby, you're a flunt

See slunt, slut, cunt, whore, biotch


flunt, short for Fat Lazy Cunt.

I came home to find my flunt of a girlfriend had done nothing around the house.

See fat, lazy, cunt, sloth, idle, obese


a open sore or wound filled with dried puss on a females body used for sex

yo i fucked this girl last night she had the wettest flunt ever and i was sooo tight

See flunt, blunt


Flat breasted cunt(vagina)

Ew look at that girl she is such a flunt

See vagina, board, marble, wall


An extremely furry cunt

Fuck Jezebel has a snappin' flunt!

Go suck some flunt!


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