Flying Saucer

What is Flying Saucer?


In 1947, Kenneth Arnold, business man & private pilot, was flying his own jet around the Mount Rainer area, looking for a downed plane with 32 men on-board. As he was flying toward the Mount, a glint of light caught his eye. Arnold reported later that he saw 9 peculiar looking aircraft flying at tremendous speeds around his plane. Later on he reported to a newspaper that the objects flew, "like a saucer would if you skipped it across the water". The news reported grabbed at the phrase and dubbed the first sightings of UFOs as "flying saucers".

Look at that flying saucer there in the sky!

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A flying saucer is a sexual act involving a man, a woman, a bench, and a tire swing.

The woman sits in the tire swing, with bare ass exposed through the bottom. The man lies underneath the swing on a bench whose height is carefully selected to permit intercourse without chafing. After successful penetration, the man spins the tire with his hands and the woman may elect to simulate spaceship sounds.

Dude, your sister took me to the schoolyard last night and gave me a flying saucer. I have a bit of chapped cock, but on the whole, it was intergalactic!

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