What is Foff?


This is simply a abbreviated way to say "fuck off". And I don't care how you vote, that's what it is.

If you voted thumbs down, you can just foff!

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A mixture of one of the best phrases ever, fuck off. Use it when defending yourself, your friends, or anything you hold dear to you.

MulletMan aka Ethan - Omg I hate your shoes Blondie

Rawkitup - FOFF

Blondie - FOFF! THE TWATIOSITY OF YOU! (see twatiosity)


When a person stretches out their face, and directs it at some one else. Basically, you raise your eyebrows, and keep your lips closed as you stretch them as far downward as possible.

Dude, did you just FOFF that guy?

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to steal; most commonly to ks or to steal clan recruits.

Derived from the name of an infamous theif. Used in negative terms.

Don't foff my kill, asshole.

Oh man, you foffed all the jelly donuts.

Quick, catch them! They're foffing the moogles!

See b33f


Fuck Off; generally used when a lesser being (nerd) questions your authority over them

loser: hey that's my jelly doughnut

cool person: FOFF

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1- Your funny

2- Foff


1 To "foff" is to make a physical fuss of something furry, such as a cat. Can also be used in context to your partner or lover. 2 Foffly: Describes something that you would like to foff. 3 Foffle: Affectionate term for a partner or lover.

1 As in, "I gave the cat a good foffling," or "I need a good foff." 2 As in, "Your dog is really foffly!" 3 As in, "Hey foffle! come and give me a good foffing!"

See hug, fuss, cuddle, furry, loveable


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