Foo Dang

What is Foo Dang?


Being retarded in a kick ass way.

"You actin Foo Dang!"

"Foo Da da da dangin, ghetto bangin, walkin down the streets with a brocken ass peice"


a word used by juggalos to decribe somone as being a punk or a bitch

man, this sucka is foo dang.

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Foo dang is a term used by the rapper Anybody Killa (ABK), and juggalos, to define someone being a damn fool.

"Why you tryin to play me foo dang, just cuz I wanna let my nuts hang." - Anybody Killa, "Foo Dang"- Hatchet Warrior


A term used by JUGGALOS...

Foo Dang is what i call a ho without a pistol


A Drink (ABK) Foo Dang

1x amaretto

2x baileys

1x kahlua

Shaken over Ice

Make mine a Foo Dang you damn fool.

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---Sex in ones mouth---

1.That Drink (ABK - Foo Dang) is pure Sex in the mouth.

2. I Foo Danged that bitch so hard i made her eyes water!

3. He Foo Danged me till i made a mess all over the sheets

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