For Realliez

What is For Realliez?



pronounciation: f'OR real^ eez*

1. maerillitizing the word 'fa realz'

2. asking if it's certain to err or to not miss

person 1: Yo mang, dat chemaztry test had me strigglin` fOR realliEZ

person 2: Are you fOR realliEZ?

person 1: i'm fOR realliEZ


Person 1:tell me tha truth dude

Pperson 2:man...i dont know nuffin!!!fOR realliez


chic 1:GUURL that movie was FLY!

chic 2:is u for realliez?

chic 1:i IS fOR realliez!!!!

(note: last two examples from mista D)


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