Ford Festiva

What is Ford Festiva?


The Ford Festiva was a subcompact car sold by the Ford Motor Company in North America, Asia and Australasia, introduced in 1986 in Japan. The car was manufactured by Kia in South Korea, which at the time was part-owned by Ford. Ultimately the vehicle was a piece of shit and was redesigned and renamed the Aspire for the North American market. Production of the Festiva ran from 1986-1994, and production of the Aspire ran from 1994-2001, although production range varies from market to market.

The only thing worse than driving a Ford Aspire is driving a Ford Festiva.

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A kick-ass compact car that lasts forever, is cheap to maintain, and gets 40 mpg.

All my friends made fun of my Ford Festiva, until gas hit $3 a gallon . . . then I was the one laughing.

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