What is Fortress?


The second album released by Canadian band Protest the Hero. This album is the epitome of musical genius. In contrast to early works, Fortress is a political album that's not about politics. Literally, the lyrics are about goddes worship while each song is a metaphor for a concept that the band is trying to convey. The band has improved greatly in terms of the instrumentals, while the lyrics are great as always, written by bassis Arif. Rody's vocal range has extended to singing, screaming, growling and everything in between. Both Tim and Luke on guitars are nothing short of gods. And the drums are kickass too. Overall, an absolutely amazing album.

John: Have you heard Fortress?

Jim: Yes! It's a f***** aural orgasm!

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To shave ones pubic hair only on the outer edges so that your pubes grow back thicker and taller around the edges, making a fortress for the inner pube sanctum.

I gave myself a fortress so that my pubes would be safe.


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