Fox Lane

What is Fox Lane?


infamous for its frequent lock downs, race fights, and the occasional dead body in a trash can, fox lane plays host to hallways full of the following:


these can be found in any dark/sketchy part of their town of choice, mt kisco

emo/scene kids

notoriously poser, these kids like to believe that they are different from everyone else and so claim to be artsy. hate ripp kids because they know that they wud get ripped apart if they ever set one converse clad foot in the door.

juicy junkies/freppies

these girls drive ripp kids, (aka true, thorough bred preps) INSANE. they walk around with their ambercrombie bombers over their juicy zip ups wearing nothing but a bra underneath and claim to have class and be preppy, when any self respecting prep KNOWS by at the latest 7th grade that abercrombie is PUBLIC ENEMY NUMBER ONE to true preps. hence the name freppy (fake preppy). as far as juicy junkies go, u cant say that u have class while wearing a juicy sweatsuit, just like u cant say u arent stuck in the eighties while wearing leg warmers. it doesnt fool anyone. the freppies are usually the self-proclaimed "rich kids" who wish they were sent to rippowam, but mask it by joining the group on myspace "i go to public school...bitch!"

all of the above are notoriously myspace whores. this means that they are STILL hooked on myspace, but have made it a little racier by taking either a. mirror pics (whose root begins with the classic emo) or b. pics of their cellulite bodies in their bras and underwear. boys, however, have found a different way around that and will resort to taking pictures of their "6 packs" (without their faces, mind u) and make that their default pic.

while ripp kids go to mt kisco for cosi, movies, starbucks and knoyzz and pray that they dont get attacked by super sketch mt kisco natives, fox laners go to "climb the mountain" and THEY ARE THE SUPER SKETCH NATIVES. they are often found behind the parking lot at boarders making calls that make ripp girls want to slit their throats with their credit cards.

non foxlaner #1:omg i was in mt kisco this weekend at starbucks and these guys walked by from fox lane and they tried to pick me up!!

non foxlaner #2:were u wearing anything juicy/abercrombie/hollister?

non foxlaner #1: no ew who do u think i am?

non foxlaner #2: good, cuz then u wud hav been in real trouble.

See juicy, tacky, myspace, sketchy


A very preppy school were the students drive nicer cars then the teachers. All the students dress to the T and if you can't afford it then you are an outsider to most of these kids.

My friend that goes to fox lane parents make over 2 million dollars a year. They have 5 cars, a summer home and belong to several country clubs.

See preppy, rich, fun


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