What is Freddie?


Shot for frederick. A strong name to match the character. A real Charmer and ladies man the women love. Though deep down gentle and kind hearted. Occasionally sentimental. Never faultless and a person that anyone is able to equate to. Once a friend, a friend for a life time.

That Freddie, what a legendof a person.

Sir Fredeirck; just as a top bloke as St. Georgehim self.

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the most amazing guy EVER, whom i love. completely adoring and caring. sexiest skater alive. simply perfect in every way. every girl wants him, but they can't have him. addicting,the equivalant of heroin. always sweet. knows how to have a good time. every guy wishes he was like him. my everything.

Nicole is so lucky she's dating Freddie. =D

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a manwhore inlove with this girl named karole.=D

freddie so inlove with karole

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Term meaning a hot girl who isn't yet old enough. also known as jailbait.

Semi rhyming slang taken from the football player Freddie Ljungberg's name. (Prenounced Young-berg).

-Mate! Check out that next girl over there.

-No way mate, she's a Freddie Youngbird.

-How did it go with that girl last night?

-Mate, I had to duck that one! She said she was 18 but one of my boys told me that she's only 15.

-No way man, she was stone cold, can't believe she was a Freddie

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Slang used to refer to a womans period. Because once a month, they can have an attitude and behave like Freddie Kreuger.

Guy 1: Hey dude, you go out with your girl this weekend?

Guy 2: No way man!

Guy 1: Why not?

Guy 2: Dude, freddie showed up and it all went to hell!

Guy 1: Did she at least give you a hummer?

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