What is Fritter?


Fried dough, typically fruit filled. Can be classified as a fried pie or a turnover.

Fritters, also known as fried pies, are amazing.

See turnover, apple fritter, dessert


to totally freak out, to panic, to speak in strange tongues out of stress/fear/anxiety

"Whoa, Darcy, did you hear that guy? He was totally frittering out."

See freak out, lose it, panic, spaz out


pussyThe most desirable place on a whore...

ok now who would like to have a bite of nancy's nice hot fritter?


Nick Richins

You are such a Fritter!!


someone who razzes out and is considered a chaunce. Ie; luke danielson

Quit frittering out luke. Luke is the biggest fritter cakes.


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