What is Frop?


What is in the pipe of Bob.


The act of frolicking and flailing your limbs wildly.

Edmund and I are going fropping in the meadows later on, care to join?

See frolick, flailing, friend, meadow, wild


the act of being pissed off. can also me used when ever you are angry at someone or something

yesterday i was fropped when that nigger stole my tv

See pissed, angry, happy, nigger, fuck, shit, dick, balls, vagina, cunt, bitch, cross, excited, tit, boob, sex


A fruit roll up fruit snack.

A small child yells out during a wedding after running out of fruit snacks to eat and sustain her silence: Mo frops, Ma!!!

See frop, snack


to slap one in the face with your penis

Jack fropped Jill because he thought it was funny, but Jill didn't like it because she thought that being fropped was degrading. Needless to say, Jack didn't get any that night.


fat role over the pussy

Don't marry that chick. Did you see the size of her mother's frop. You'll be doomed.


to verbally bash someone, untill mentally wounded.

don't make me frop yo' ass in front of everyone.

See talk smack, own, diss, insult, talk shit


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