Fruit Roll Up

What is Fruit Roll Up?


A Homosexual in a sleeping bag.

See Leon


when your nut sack sticks to your leg and you have to peel it off like a fruit roll up

Man, it was 97 degrees out today and had the worst case of fruit roll up

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Flavored plastic sheets rolled up in silver plastic wrappers. enjoyed by flabby, overweight pre-teens everywhere.

I hate Fruit Roll Ups because they stick to my back teeth and then I have to taste them for even longer than I want to....


when a girl has her period and puts it on her face and when it dries the guy peels in off and eat's it

I got a fruit roll up last night it was so hott.

See fruit, roll, up, period, face


it's when you give oral to a girl while she is on her period. After you are done you do not wipe your face you leave whatever is on it there (blood). Then you get in your car drive down the road with your head out the window until it dries. Then you peel off the stuff that has dried to your face.

YES!!! I just got a free fruit roll up from my girlfriend!


A sexual act in which the male ingests a high level of citrus fruit (preferably pineapple) 24 hours before the sexual encounter. When the male is preparing to ejaculate, he pulls out and skeets on her back. After it dries on her back, he peels it off and feeds the fruity snack to her.

Male: It's almost dry now.

Female: Shit, I hope so, I'm starving for a fruit roll up!

See money shot, nut


The situation in which you go down on a girl during her period, cover your face with her "juices", let them dry, and peel them off, only to eat the hardened product.

Kevin saved Martha's fruit roll up in the fridge.

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