Fuck Rag

What is Fuck Rag?


An insult, but also the rag that is used to clean up after having a fuck with someone, thus fuck rag.

"You cum-drenched fuck rag"

See your mom


a piece of cloth kept near the bed for mopping up residual juices after sex.

After I banged Jenny, I wiped my self off with my fuck rag and told her to get the hell out of my apartment.


n. An incosiderate asshole

"Shut up, fuck rag!"


any material you use to wipe yourself clean after you fuck.

"After I hit dat shit I used her mom's bathrobe as a fuck rag."

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A rag that is used to clean up secreted juices after the act of penetration

After penetration and ejaculation I threw a fuck rag at him and demanded he clean that shit up.

See socks, tissue, sheets


a rag in which you fuck

or an asshole

last night i bought a new fuck rag

that guy is such a fuck rag

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