What is Fuckit?


Shortened version of the words 'fuck' and 'it', used when the words are spoken in rapid succession. The speaker is expressing dismay at his situation.

Fuckit, I'm done with this shit.


A chemical found in marijuana. Fuckit makes you happily apathetic. From Kat Williams comedy act.

You need more fuckit in your system

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It kind of speaks for itself. But for those who are that stupid it means Fuck It without the middle space.

Man.. Fuckitttttt

You know what, fuckit.

I cant be fucked aye fuckit.


a word that describes when someone reaches their peak of frustration with someone or something.

Bob: Hey, what time is the movie?

Joe: It's at 12:30am

Bob:12:30? fuckit

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An insult term to describe ones lack of intelligence.

When Bobby accidentally released Dangerous Willy from his cage many people called him a fuckit.

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