What is Fumble?


when you are trying to make it to the bathroom, but shit in your pants before you make it to the toilet.

I ate a bean burrito from q-dubs and thought I had to fart, but when the shit dripped down my short pants, I surely knew I had fumbled.


When you almost get laid, and at the last second get turned down for doing something stupid.

Davis fumbled Mary last night. It was close though!

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When a female is receiving sex in the doggy style position and her partner becomes overzealous and slips his wang into her pooper.

Ooops. Sorry baby. I fumbled!


when you drop something

oops i dropped my books FUMBLE

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1. Ugly Female that doesn't even truly know she is ugly.

2. Super busted female that is in a public place looking something terrible.

3. Also could refer to those good looking girls who can dress well or maintain themselves or hygiene.

" Ugh, you see that girl over there, She's a FUMBLE. "

"(Riding in car, then you see an ugly girl on the streets, you say) FUMBLE!!!! Stay in doors."

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When one guy is talking by himself to group of ladies larger then 3. While he is spittin game you yell "Fumble!" and tackle the dude.

Guy1: " Hey Calebs talking to 4 girls over there."

Guy2:" By himself?"

Guy1: " Why yes."

Guy2:" Fumble!"

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when someone almost commits a party foul

:someone is about to drop something (beer, hookah ect):

John: Fumble

:object is returned to its original position with a little or no damage:

John: good save dude, that was almost a party foul

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