G Banger

What is G Banger?


Under wear site high up the arse. also called G-String. Attractive on Females. not so much on males.

Look at that Bitch's G-Banger man. Ridin High.


A thong line evidently in sight through a girl's trousers

get your g banger out

See banger, thong, panties, doggy, boozy


Someone who's g-string isn't covered by clothing.

God, look at that girl, she's a g-banger!

See Jalapeno


Slang term for Australia's AFL grandfinal oval, the MCG (MELBOURNE CRICKET GROUND).

"I think friday nights' game is to be held at the g banger"


Any form of sexy fruit pickers

Jays, look at the dirty g banger on your one in the red. I'd love to give her a dose


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