G Check

What is G Check?


To test someones G or Gangsta. To ensure they are indeed the gangsta they are presenting themself as. Often seen as highly disrespectful.

He was across the street frontin like a boss and shit. So i went ova there and g checked him. Hommie got real humble.

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A pimp ass term synonymous to the verb "steal" or "stole."

He straight up g checked my slim jim.

I just g checked that nigga's weed, mane.

It can also be used in present tense. For example,

I'm going to g check those cheetos.

It can also be used in the future tense. For example,

I'm g checking those sunglasses.

This term originated at a private boarding school in Lynchburg, Virginia. It can be used with or without a hyphen in between the g and check. For example, g-check.

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