G Code

What is G Code?


The G Code stands for Ghetto Code. It is generally used to describe the old gangsters, the street veterans, who are from the ghetto or the hood as some like to call it. To be born in the G Code is something to be proud of, it means you are a hard-ass gangster and no one can fuck with you.

We don't talk to police, we don't make a peace bond, we don't trust in the judicial system, we shoot guns. We rely on the streets, we do battle in the hood, I was born in the G Code, embedded in my blood.

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The G code is a term which refers to a system of not snitching. The phrase started by propaganda used in Baltimore, MD to stop members of inner-city communities from snitching on each other. This is where the phrase “Stop Snitchin’” was formed. This is the bases for the G-Code.

G Code by Geto Boys is a good example.

a better example from the song is:

"See I be on some street shit, don't talk to police

I won't accept a visit from agents who wanna see

if I got shit to say about a nigga case

I'm a motherfuckin' nigga through and through, I ain't gay ......

...When the government is workin', real niggas never squeal "

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Gangster code. Don't snitch. and if someone snitches on you slit that motherfuckers throat.

when that kid snitched on me i stayed true to the G Code and killed that motherfucker.

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1. Is you talk about your weed, and don't get sketched.

2. You smoke weed everyday.

3. You have to be gangster to be on the G-Code

4. You hve to smoke weed to be with us.

5. You can fuck anyone in the G-Code.

6. Lil Wayne is in the G-Code, he is the G-Code. "Put out the roach and light a brand new L"

Ay yo bitch! You aint' part of da G Code. Get da fuck up otta hurr. Lil' Wayne's gunna kick you ass.

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gnagster code of how to walk talk and dress

check yo self fo for that g code shit

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