G Count

What is G Count?


From the sport of paintball, in the form G(number) or if a player were to ask for a G count. The G count is the number of dead opponents. G count is used to keep communication with your team and plan out attacks to close out a game. G counts can range from 1-7 at tournaments but usually a lot more at local fields where G counts are usually off.

(see example 1)

Some times used to pinpoint an actually player as being dead.

(see example 2)


Front player: "Whats the G count?"

Back player: "G6, Back Right only"

Front player: "Alright i'm gonna bunker him"


Front player: "Snakes hot!!!! I'm pinched!"

Mid player: "Got him!"(shoots out snake player)

Mid player: "Snakes a G! Snakes a G!"

See paintball, kills, dead, gs, g's, gee


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