G Dub

What is G Dub?


G Dub is an abbreviation for a Drum & Bass/Jungle production duo known as Generation Dub consisting of Adam Tindill and Jake Carter.

ima listen to some DnB, yea check that new tune wit' Chase & Status and G Dub

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Refers to a woman having a vagina which is more hairy than average.

G Dub derrives from George W Bush , bush being another name for hairy vagina.

Adrian - she is sum g dub having ass motherfucker , i had to crack out the sheers before i tapped that hoe.

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GANGSTA, GANGSTA! (Which is Dubble g's)

Gangsta, gangsta (G DUB)- a song by Lil' Scrappy

RyBo so G DUB he eats cereal without da milk.

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