G Dubs

What is G Dubs?


Someone who:

1. chokes on a pretzel

2. cannot control his two alcoholic daughters, but is given control of a nation

3. cannot pronounce most words in the English language properly (ie. Nuc-u-lar)

4. pauses in speeches like there's no tomorrow

5. has subjects that shoot people in the face

6. scores below 200 on his/her SATs

7. is a warmonger

8. is a horrible administrator

9. is hypocritical

10. abuses cocaine

See also bush

Slash: *cough* get me some water!

Torch: Whazza matter you?

Slash: I just choked on a pretzel.

Torch: What a silly little G dubs.

See george, w, bush, miserable failure, 1337


Genital Warts (A type of HPV)

I really wanted to fuck James but I heard he's got a raging case of the G Dubs.

See hpv, std, warts, genital


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