What is Gaffled?


being taken advantage of, tricked, bamboozled, swindled, or basically just fucked with purposefully

Damn dude you got gaffled at the club when you spent $50 to get in and I spent $20.

That punk gaffled me out of 20 dollars.

Uncle Sam gaffles me everytime I have to pay my taxes.


to steal a lighter ...

once the whole cig. is gone the lighter is rightfully yours.

void on blunts ....

who gaffled my lighter ? me but its mine now i finished the cig....

See gaffle, gaffled, steal, swipe, take


Getting beat down bad.

That dude totally got gaffled, he can't even walk straight any more.


A adjective for anything beat up,nasty,played out,fell out the ugly tree,...displeasing to the eye really.

Sound it out...Ga ff look at your self in the mirror while you say it.. That's the look. Damn,Gaffled aren't ya?

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