Gamer Chick

What is Gamer Chick?


A female who plays video games. In general, female gamers don't need to play hardcore games- to most boys, if the girl plays video games, understands the game on a deeper level having beaten it or played it religious, and whose favorite video game is NOT Mrs. Pacman, they can pass as a female gamer.

Not necessarily fantasic at every game she plays, nor can she whoop everyone. Simply that she plays video games to past time, and because she enjoys it, she's a gamer.

Same with males.

Certainly rarer than male gamers, given that females have a tendency to be more interested in things that don't otherwise promote violence or force them to think logically.

Err, yeah. Gamer chicks are an endangered species.

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A female that plays video games, mostly hardcore video games otherwise she is a sad gamer chick;female gamer....rare.

I am a gamer chick....hear me button mash!!!


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