What is Gangrape?


Contrary to the popular opinion, gangrape is when a person of unusual might rapes a gang of enemies or any other large group.

After being expelled from junior highschool Uri gangraped the whole village.

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When 3 or more people engage in sex with one non-willing person in the middle

''did you that 9 out of 10 people enjoy gangrape''

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1. to, in a group of people, rape someone.

2. a group of people performing sexual activities on another individual against their will.

3. (in video game terms) a group of players to gangup on a certain player (esp. shooting games ex.counter-strike).

1/2. The young girl was gangraped the other day when she was coming home.

3. ...omg, i was gangraped by all those fuckers...


When a girl is asleep and a couple of guys fuck her in her sleep

My boyfriend gave me some really heavy sleeping pills. I later was told he and his frinds gangRAPED me.

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(Verb) To get and or steal and or take; to generally come into possession of. Substitute into everyday conversation for added zest!

"Hey, could you gangrape a soda for me while you're up"

"I can't believe you gangraped an A on that test!"

"After a wild night out, I gangraped my true love in Vegas"

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