What is Gay-rage?


A temper tantrum observed in homosexual men who exhibit emotional behavior of a female coupled with the strength of a man. Such deadly pairing is particularly worrisome given that crimes, such as assault and/or murder committed in a gay-rage usually reveal a gory and violent confrontation above normal levels (i.e. excessive bruising, multiple gunshot or stabbing wounds)

Gianni Versace was murdered in a gay-rage by a serial killer on a spree.

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An extremely frustrated or outwardly rude man that counters everything with feminine-like rage. To bitch at someone in a bitchy (gay) manor. Also when you piss off a gay man to the point where he gets retard-strength and beats the shit out of everyone in proximity.

"We were at the bar when my friend said faggot too loud, then this shemale turned green with the gay-rage and I woke up in the hospital with a broken nose and a torn asshole."

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