What is Gayster?


Gangsters who turned pink/gay.

OMG Becky, look at his butt, he's a GAYSTER


Someone who is acting stupid, or Being "Gay" Therefore he/she is a Gayster.

Person 1: Hey lets Party tonight?

Person 2: Naw, i gotta do my Homework...

Person 1: dude, ur such a Gayster!!

See gay, gangster, gang, ster, wanksta


Adolescent male who uses the word "gay" as an adjective meaning "lame".

Those baggy-ass, Eminem-spewing white wannabees think they're gangstas, but they're just garden-variety gaysters.

See jarhead, dildon't, durk


adjective for wanksta

why does he always act so gayster?


Guys who wear pink. It is gay.

the man in the pink shirt is a gayster.


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