What is Gayte?


The gay male that accompanies a woman out, with the intention to ward off creepers.

"I took Travis along as my gayte, I'm getting sick of all these creeps hitting on me!"

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verb. To date an obviously gay man before he has excepted his sexuality, while being aware (or at least highly suspicious) of his real preferences, in order to benefit from having a sensitive, well-dressed boyfriend who treats you right and is good in bed. More specifically, to be the last woman to date a gay man before he comes out of the closet.

John helped Annie redecorate her apartment while she was gayting him.

Tania introduced Dan to his current boyfriend when she gayted him.


1) Two men going on a date gay style. More than likely ends with gay activities in the bedroom or gay bar toilets.

2)Refering to the person you are on a gayte with.

Man I went on a gayte and my gayte bought me drinks it was the best gayte ever!

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