What is Gaytourage?


A pack of gays, often modeling the character make-up of the television

show, Entourage.

The following is usually represented in a true Gaytourage:

1 (One) Manager/Diva. Will squeal, shout, bark and whine orders to

the Gaytourage. He wants to be heard, but like a true Manager the

Gaytourage doesn't really care.

1 (One) Hip, Up and Coming Gay. Usually newly out of the closet and

sleeping with obscene numbers of men. For the time being, he's the

A-Lister, the one everyone wants a piece of. However, when a new, hot gay

comes flaming out of the closet, this A-Lister will begrudgingly pass

along the torch.

1 (One) C-Lister. The puppy-dog to the Hip/A-Lister Gay. Will cook,

clean, mop, do laundry and even perform fellatio (by desperate and/or

drunken request


1 (One) Nice Friend. This one will always be there for the gays in

need, often serving as a mediator for all of the gay drama. Often

times called the Gay Mama's Boy who is blissfully ignorant to what is

going on behind closed doors. The Gaytourage would internally combust

without this dude's service.

1 (One) Queen Bee. Dictates what parties to frequent, what

low-calorie drinks will be consumed, and what is 'in-or-out'. Always

with the latest fashions, best hair and is, well, Fabulous.

Many (Numerous) Gays-in-Training. Each starts out telling the

Gaytourage "I'm Straight Guys, No I am Not Gay. I just wear bright,

florescent colors because I like them." By the end of his

indoctrination, his hair has product, he's lost the belly fat and is

breaking the hearts of every girl he meets.

In addition to these principle characters, a number of Female Gay Best

Friends surround this group. They provide counseling services, the

latest sorority/city gossip, and help the boys keep their eating in

check. Many will have attempted to sleep with Gaytourage members, but

been rejected by the boy with a feminine giggle, like "Ooooh Harriet,

Stoppp it!"

"Separately they were the token-gay-best friend. But, together, their Gaytourage, was unstoppable."

"Could you imagine Entourage following just one character? No. Didn't think so. That Gaytourage is like the show, all of the pieces are needed to complete the puzzle."

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