What is Gaz?


Dib's little sister on the cartoon Invader Zim. She's an avid gamer, and is a bit obsessed with pizza.

Just watch 'Game Slave 2' to understand.


Another way to pwn or own. Usually following by an "up" either right after or any where in the rest of the sentence. Can also be said to mean someone who's elite or not a newb. Sounds like Gas.

1) Gaz em' up.

2) They got gazzed up.

3) That fools a gazzer

See pwn, own, gas, elite


orgasmic; really, really cool

These be some gaz ass cookies, yo!

See orgasmic, awesome, delicious, tight, sweet, cool


From Invader Zim, Dib's scary little sister. She is obsessed with her 'Game Slave', which is the equivelant of a game boy. she loves to eat junk food, like sugary cereal and pizza. she only drinks soda. she always threatens her brother and anyone that is annoying her. she could care less about the human race and thinks Zim couldn't take over a speck of dust, let alone Earth. she also likes drawing piggies and has an army of demonic toys who feed on human flesh that act as her security system.

gaz: Dib drank the last soda, he will pay!


Gaz: Im going to pull your eyes out through your throat


Gaz: you will be plunged into never-ending nightmare worlds from which there is no return!

See gaz, invader zim, dib, pizza


Male or female with a superior IQ who has trouble relating in

the real world.

Did you talk with Eric? He is a total Gaz.

See genius, gifted, superior, geek


to penetrate, with one beastly man sausage, at least 3 females all at the same time. this works by the subjects' schlong entering female #1 via the front, exiting her via the ass, entering female #2 by the front, exiting by the ass etc etc. this can be extended depending on how horny the indivuduals are. scientifically proven to induce female orgasm within 30 seconds.

'dude, i gazzed 5 chicks last night, it was awesome.'

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the well skilled, bass player for morrissey. his name is gary day. nicknamed "gaz". he also has his own psychobilly/rockabilly project.

did you see gaz playing the stand up for "why don't you find out for yourself!?'

See gaz, moz, bass player, morrissey


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