What is Gbc?


Garden Blocc Crips - Crip Gang located in Sacramento California.

Im rollin with tha G-B-C, and it dont quit, thats the gangsta shit, hoes and niggaz know when i drop that hit. (Mista Doc)


Gardan Blocc Crips, a Sacramento gang.

"I am g from the GBC" - C-Bo

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A GBC or "gay, black, cripple" is an acronym used to describe a homosexual black man in a wheel chair. They are known for their jerry curls, large penises, spinner wheel chair rims, and shit eating grins.

They are also the worst hate crime victims. If you beat up a GBC you are committing a hate crime towards three different demographics. ULTIMATE hate crime.

I kicked that GBC right out his wheel chair and stomped his mouth 'cause it was the only thing that was still movin'! Talk shit now motha fucka!

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stands for game boy colour

hey man you get a 1337 GBC rom on you?


One who does whatever it takes to be cool, or appear to be in the "In Crowd"

Acronym: Gotta' Be Cool

"That fool is GBC"


8 crazy kids who think they are awesome and like sex a lot but never actually have it. stands for Gang Bang Crew. we like to go to disneyland and buy condoms.

noun:: "I am going to hang out with the GBC."

adjective:: "Hey that condom is sooooo GBC."

verb:: "We are so going to GBC Mean Girls tonight."

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"GB" in Chinese is botheration,and C is one kind of lastname.This word means people that lack of brain,thus doing a lot of stupid things.

GBC is here,please do not be serious.


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