What is G-code?


Set of rules to live by; a code of conduct for surviving on the streets.

I live by the g-code, I die by the g-code

don't rat, don't snitch, don't bend, don't fold--B.G. "Heart of da Streetz"

See gangsta, guerilla, thug, gutta, ratchet, savage


Stayin true to tha streets. A way of life. Street culture.

I was born in tha g-code imbeded in my blood.

-Tha G-Code - Scarface

See gangsta, crip, blood, pigs, nig


a code of conduct and respect for fellow gang memebers. based on ranking you may only be able to act a certain way toward them, and not allowed to be certain places(ex. movie theater, neighborhood, street corner.)

u better stick to the g-code around them boys on the corner.


An exclamation used in declaration of completing one's duties.

"Ayo nigguh, ima take out the trash."

(later that day)

"I took that trash the fuck out." "G-code son."

See g, code, son, brrrat, shake, junt


A gang that includes both Blood and Crips.

What set you reppin?

I rep G-Code.

See John


A gang that is both Blood and Crips together in harmony.

What set you reppin?

I'm G-Code.

See John


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