What is G-cup?


Like the biggest bra size ever!!!

Not invented yet, but can be found usually in anime or hentai. No one ever uses the word but we can all understand its meaning and it's REALLY BIG!!!

normal dude: wow look at that chick i bet her bra size is a G-cup

Snotty good for nothing: OMFG U PERVERT! *drools at girl's boobs when the normal dude leaves*

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Mind-bogglingly gargantuan breasts. Have never been known to occur naturally, so it is assumed they could only be achieved with implants. Commonly an element of hentai/anime porn and erotic fiction. They would probably cause some serious problems during sex and in life in general.

Jason: "Whoa, did you see the size of that anime chick's rack?!"

Karson: "Yeah, they must be freakin' G-cups or something!"

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A large bra size. For example, if a woman has a 28" chest and a 36" bust, she is a size 28G.

Mah bra size is i wear a G-cup.

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