What is G-d?


The definition of G-d is 'God'. Jewish people refer to God in text as 'G-d'. Same person different vibe.

G-d loves you!!!

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Is how those who are too religious write "God". They do this, because they believe that writing "God" on something that could be destroyed is gonna earn them an eternity in hell, so the censor it.

Guy: "lol I believe in God, so must write "G-d" so he doesn't get mad at me lol"

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Apparently the way some people of the Jewish faith spell "God." For those wishing to know exactly why they appear to consider the letter "o" so objectionable, it will take a more learned person than I to tell you.

The warranty also does not extend to cover any malfunction caused by, or resulting from, abnormal environmental conditions, unauthorized service, improper maintenance, modifications or repairs by the customer, abuse, misuse, neglect, accident, fire flood or other acts of G-d, or incorrect line voltage.


the shorthand version of God damn.

Also the short hand version of God.

Talk about irony.

You g-d mofo, why'd ya shoot my cat?!?!?!?

Were going to church to praise g-d.

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