What is Gee?


Dublin slang for female genitalia

The whack of her gee was brutal

-her vagina didn't smell very nice

See Kells


Irish word for snatch or pussy

I licked her gee all night


Irish slang for female genitalia.

Missed by a gee hair (ph):

just missed; can be used to describe a near accident or a missed shot in football etc.

See Quinny


Irish slang word for vagina,

"give us a shot of your gee?"

Would you like to partake in some sexual relations with me

See gee, geebag, vagina, cunt, minge, muff, Alcatraz


A slang term often used for referring to gangsters, Gerard Way, a verbal way of saying 'OMG', saying something is gay (as in uncool, not homosexual), a more polite way of saying 'Jesus Christ!' or referring to me.



A gangster or someone pretending to be a gangster might say "Hey Gee!" to get a fellow gangster's attention.

2.Gerard Way-


MCR, or My Chemical Romancefans may refer to Gerard Way simply as Gee if they are feeling lazy, or using it as an affectionate nickname.



Usually loudly, 'Oh My God,' but due to the internet shortening of it to OMG, it is then said Oh Ehm Gee.



Used to say something is uncool or cheesy.



Used as a more polite version of 'Jesus Christ!' usually loudly.



As Ali G was already taken by a male, black guy, which is the opposite of me, and I have always used Ali as my first name, I use Ali Gee. The Gee came from my last initial which I prefer over my last name which is too easy to make fun of and can get annoying.

1. AdrianTheGangstah: "Hey Gee, why don' we hit that house nex'?"

2&3. EmohThe(Formerly?)AdoringMCRFan: "Oh Ehm Gee! It's Gee Way!" **Squeeks**

4. TomTheMiddleSchoolStudent: "Dude, that drugs assembly was soooo gee!

5. AllenThePersonWhoGotHitByACar: "Gee! That car came outta nowhere!"

6. KeeleyTheAliGeeFriend: "Hey Gee! Come here, yo!"

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1:An exclamation of endearment between couples, specifically, those in which the female attends Stern College.

Sounds somewhat like a gurgle, often accompanied by puppy dog eyes.

He says: You have really pretty eyes.

She says: Gee


Used as a noun, when you've listened to Gee- Girls Generation too many times. Also, when you've watched mychonny's Angry Asian Parents on Youtube too often.

Person 1HJ: Sup gee?

Person 2CL: N2m mang.

See mychonny, gee, youtube, asian


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