Geek Speak

What is Geek Speak?


A vernacular of casual English in textual or verbal form, blending highly grammatical English with technical jargon, 1337/l33tspeak, hip-hop lingo and pop culturequotes/references as an expression of self-referential hip irony among geeks.

W00tw00t!Hollaz to mah Gigga h0mi3z on da Techflizzo' (tor whose comraderie and support I am much obliged)! All your base are belong to the sysadmin!


The 1337/hax0r language.

1 pwned j00, j00 n00b. W00t W00t!!!!

- Example of Geek Speak.


1. the technical jargon of dedicated computer users

2. slang used mainly on the internet

I am so sick of that geek speak.

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A conversation taken part in by nerds, or as commonly referred to, geeks.

Geek:According to my calculations..

Cool Person1:Woah! Quit with the geek speak you loser!

Cool Person2: Sheesh what a loser. Only a nerd can geek speak!

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How now brown fire extinguisher.

Eat brick.


Retard speak

Kids who use geek speak are most likely the same kids who get Ds and Fs in English class.

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