What is Gentrivacation Destination?


every cool ski resort, ski town, or surf spot (among other vacation type places): Yuppies and super rich retiring baby boomers invade in a seemingly endless parade of bright red spyder jackets and fur coats. They are transported by huge 2mpg SUVs (Hummers and Escalades seem to be their choice, the bigger after market chrome rims and bling the better) that will never go offroad and are only there to compensate for a small penis or to look hip to the younger skiers and snowboarders living in these towns who usually have to wait on their pompous asses to afford a season pass and crappy housing at whatever resort town or cool beach front is being taken over. This is quickly followed by the cutting down of aspen trees or using TNT to blow out cliffs to build 8000-10000sq ft McMansions and Garage Mahals that will be used 2 months out of the year,destroy tons of natural resources and animal habitats, and drive the price of living (and ski passes) through the roof.

Now that there is no land left in Vail, Sun Valley, and Jackson Hole, Fucking SoCal and Texas dickheads make Park City their new gentrivacation destination of choice.

See gentrification, gentrified, aspen, mcmansion


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