What is Gerudo?


often referred to as the female tribe of warriors in Zelda: Ocarina of Time

also the name of the desert/valley where the Gerudo make their home

Link went to Gerudo Valley to find some sand.

See Gerudo


A racial slur directed at females of middle eastern descent.

No, way dude, Nadeen is a fucking gerudo!

See zelda, sand monkey, bitch, fuck, nigger, beaner, mexican, emo, terrorist, shit, slut, wet back


the sickest race in the legend of zelda series. they are the hyrule version of the roma (gypsies), but for some reason they have red hair. definitely the most attractive of the races as well, which is also nice because they are all women (with the exception of ganondorf, that lucky mothafucka).

don't spend too much time in gerudo valley or you'll get jacked.

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