Get Your End Away

What is Get Your End Away?


To achieve orgasm during intercourse

"Couldn't get your end away the second time, then?" "No, Mitch, it wasn't that. I had my eye on somethin' else."

See sex, intercourse, shag, orgasm


Alluding to the moment of male ejaculation, "to get one's end away" is an expression that can be more generally used to describe any satisfying sexual experience.

It is usually used in a derogotary way, suggesting that the male being described is either a bit of a man whoreor that the speaker does not approve of what the man is doing:

how to use "get your end away":

John: "Where's Bob tonight, is he coming for a drink?"

Tom: "Nah, he's getting his end away with that tart he met the other night"

See sex, ejaculation, climax, fuck, slag


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