What is Gette?


A gette is a gay person who, after being dumped, does nothing but tag around after the person that dumped him/her because they have no life and realize that they're back to square one; often shallow and insecure. The gettte never lets go or allows them any room to breath or grow. The gette will create such an uncomfortable situation that friends have to intervene at some point.

Typical behavior includes the annoying act of buying drinks and forcing themselves into the conversation of the person that dumped them...even when they're out on a date.

"Dude, what is up with Dan?! He won't leave Bill alone - he was even buying drinks for his new boyfriend! What a gette!"

"Yeah, he's a tool."

See gay, tool, annoying, shallow, insecure


Adjective. A person who thinks that working out all the time really changes who they are. Can be found in homsexual cultures; a need to rapidly change ones self image to bolster attempts at relationships.

"This bar makes me feel uncomfortable, way too many gettes in here," John said to his new friend.

Trying to find a nice way to say it, Berk said, "Yeah, like they think that flab aint there. Dang, check out that gette over there...whoa...maybe a lite beer next time tubby."

See insecure, low, self, esteem, judgemental, weak


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