What is G-federation?


The true definition is an on going popularity contest. You are put against somebody to find out who is more popular at that period of time.

The SWOW G-Federation was born in the summer of 2004 by the well-known Greg Michaels. The seed of the G-Federation came from Greg’s good friend Jim Zora after he suggested a special match that people would vote for to find out the winner. Greg read what Jim Zora had to say and he put together a show, basically taking over the idea. After the show fans made comments that there should be more cards like the one Greg made and that’s where Greg Michaels named it the G-Federation. It is believed that either Jim Zora or Lynx was the first SWOW Forum World Heavyweight Champion but those records were lost when the SWOW database self-destructed and all G-Federation Information was lost from the beginning.

Once a new SWOW Forum was created Greg Michaels put together the ‘official’ G-Federation in December of 2004. Greg Michaels decided to call the cards ‘Super Card’s” instead of just regular cards because they were in fact more super than the old ones. After the first and second Super Card’s it was evident which members would be leading the season. Their names were Melancholy (Now known as Guy), The Florida Cowboy (Now known as Russ), Mr. PPV and of course the infamous Crazed. The original championships were the World, Internet, Air Guitar and Tag Team. The first G-Federation Season was very successful and could never be repeated.

Once the second season rolled around new names began to rise in the ranks of the G-Federation. People that go by the names of Tisryan, Cem, Dodge, HNB and George Brody have just begun to make their marks on the industry.

The G-Federation as been around for nearly a year and it will be around until Greg or the forum dies.

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Crazed just beat Cem in the Sc00t Touched Me match. He totally rules the entire G-Federation.

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