What is G-force?


The ammount of gravity multiplyed by two put on your body.

while in the jet he pulles a G-force of 4


A group or member of people who support the Greenville Texas Lions sports team. They especially show support for the football team. Class of '03 ROCK THE HIZZY!!!

Jeff Thomison, proclaimed, "Shoe, shoe, God bless G-town, accept the G-Force players 4 life - Lion Power," Booya, Grandma.

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a moniker for a female friend of a woman; the transformation of the abbreviation of "Girlfriend" (G-friend) into slang

"Yo, G-Force! Whatchu up to this weekend?"

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The name for the English version of the Japanese animated action show, Science Ninja Team Gatchaman.

Charlie sat down to watch an episode of G-Force


The team of superheroes from the Japanese anime cartoon "Battle of the Planets". Contains 5 team members: Mark, Jason, Tiny, Princess and Keyop.

The question has been raised whether or not the characters were cyborgs due to their super-human agility and demonstrations of power such as the whirlwind pyramid. G-Force protects Earth from planet Spectra and other attacks from 'beyond space'. Their main ship is the Phoenix, which can deploy four smaller vehicles, each operated by one team member.


G-Force has saved the world from destruction.

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Remedial learning ("BOBO") unit, Lornshill Academy, Alloa

"nicky's a bit thick... he belongs in


See Crazy


A video card.

Man, that G-Force hurts in my ass


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