Ghetto Fab

What is Ghetto Fab?


Shortned version of the word "Ghetto Fabulous".

1) Meaning to be of or originating from the ghetto.

2) Exhibiting ghetto behavior or personality.

Damn, that fool's fryin his bologna, that's ghetto fab!

See Rich


An individual from the hood with money that never moved out of the hood or an individual from the hood that has moved out and still has hood mentality. This person can be black or WHITE. This person stays fly, rocking quality in style popular name brand clothes, top of the line whips, has expensive jewlery. This individual always brings their "A" everything is GRADE A (official)no knock offs! (if it is a knock off the regular ghetto people won't be able to tell)

Trick daddy got all that money, a big ole house, 10 cars and his ghetto fabulous behind got nothing but 40's in the fridge...Anna Nicole ghetto fab behind had all that money and still couldn't put together a decent sentence! (RIP ANNA)

See hood rich, shot caller, pimp daddy


A slight step up from ghetto. The difference between ghetto and ghetto fab is ghetto is rock bottom skid-row but ghetto fab has a 'bling' associated with it.

He wipes his ghetto ass with his hand, if he were ghetto fab, he'd steal toilet-paper from McDonalds.

He's so ghetto cuz he picks treasure from the trash, and doesn't wash them. If he were ghetto fab he would wash them before taking them inside the house.

She hand-rolls her cigerettes with a $2 roller, that's ghetto fab. If she were ghetto, she'd be too po' to buy a roller.

Washing clothes by hand, using laundry detergent is ghetto fab. This is better than ghetto, which would be hanging them outside to 'air out' instead of washing them properly.

...and the list goes on and on .... I think you get the picture :)

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Ghetto Fab, short for Ghetto Fabrication

Using design "innovations" in the case of limited means or the lack of time.

See ghetto engineering

Examples of things used when something is ghetto fab: Duct tape, zip ties, etc.

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if something is "urbanly ghetto", this is what you can call it. (this is not necessarily a term used when something is "ghetto" in a bad way, but more like when something seems "out of whack" or out of the ordinary. This is definitely the more European version, but they all get the job done.

Man, chriskaye is so chriskaye. He's gonna be coming at 9:30 p.m.

Yeah, he's definitely ghetto fab.


1.somebody who is fabulous in a ghetto way?

2.more original thing to say when commenting somebody's picture on myspace lol...

hey will tooth, you are ghetto fab!

See yo, ghetto, and, fab, lol


When Ghetto idiots and hood rats improperly sport high end quality designer clothing and accessories like Lacoste, Ralph Lauren, Gucci, Versace, Prada, Louis Vuitton, and Dior. Goes for both females and males.

look at the black guy sporting a XL Lacoste shirt that droops down to his knees with his fake ass bling bling and his baggy ass phat farm jeans...sooo ghetto fab

omg that ghetto chick over there sporting that louis vuitton perse soo takes out the classy and elegant taste out of caring a designer handbag. It's soo ghetto fab she's wearing hoeish outfit too

See ghetto style, ghettoness


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