Ghetto Princess

What is Ghetto Princess?


1. A girl from 'the ghetto' who always looks great, has a smart mouth, and ALWAYS gets what she wants

2. A white girl (who's NOT from the ghetto), but who has black friends, identifies more with their culture, dates black men (" thugs"), and LIKES IT, and who's just a little ghetto herself.

Note: Both must be in possession of a ghetto booty (please see definition under 'ghetto booty"), but the essential factor is the ability to gain the unquestioned respect of the brothers and playas she interacts with. She is seen as an equal and worthy of their best efforts to please her

Also Known As Thug Princess

1. Imma leave her be; you dont want to mess with a ghetto princess...

2. For a cracka, that girl is ALL ghetto princess..

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Also: G Princess. A girl that acts like a princessbut is really just ghetto.

She acts like she's too good for everybody but she's really just a ghetto princess!

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A girl from a poor, urban neighborhood who thinks she should be treated better than her friends because she wears tight ass jeans and gets money from her boyfriend. See also ghetto fabulous. Similar to JAP.

That ghetto princess make fun of me for working at McDonald's when all she do is sit around and get her nails did.

See ghetto fabulous, jap


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