What is Ghettopunk-spazzthrashtic?


(n.) 1.

Can best be described by the entirety of Bert McCracken, Elliesabetta Oliviea, and Charlotte Isabella.

GhettoPunk-SpazzThrashtic should be reserved, and used with care, as it is not for everyone.

(n.) 2.

GhettoPunk-SpazzThrashtic- A person or being who somehow carries themselves with a ghetto-esque slang, punk appearance, and SpazzThrashtic attitude.

(ie) Bert McCracken.


E: "Hey, you know Bert McCracken?"

C: "From The Used?"

E: "Of course."

C: "Fuck yeah, dude! That guy is GhettoPUNK-SpazzThrastic!"

See bert mccracken, ghetto, punk, spazz, thrash, radtastic


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